Fluff Magazine on Maria Maria Beauty

Fluff Magazine on Maria Maria Beauty


Maria Baez in the new rising star in the Miami Beauty industry and also the new founder of the Maria-Maria Beauty product line, an all organic hand cream that was formulated to diminish marks and scars. The inspiration behind the product line comes from Maria’s motto “Hands are for holding, not hitting,” a personal catchphrase that is a reminder of Maria’s past growing up in the rough neighborhood of Overtown which is right in the heart of Downtown Miami. Growing up around gangs and living in dismal surroundings, there were very few opportunities that provided hope or inspiration to Maria as a child. Having experienced a brutal assault in her teens, she vowed to change the trajectory of her life and become an advocate for women. “I want women to receive a ‘helping hand’ through the hardship in their lives.” Maria has ensured that this product line will help to change the lives of women who have suffered from violence by donating proceeds to local South Florida anti-gang programs.  

The Launch of Maria-Maria Beauty brought out the who’s who of Miami’s beauty/social scene and brought down a special supporter from the North, model and actress Melissa Ford formerly of the Bravo reality series “Blood Sweat and Heels”. Ford was extremely passionate about coming out in support of an event that was important to “Real-Life” issues and lent her talents as the host at the launch party of the new beauty line. Getting a more personal account of how this particular product spoke to her and how it will serve women, Ford had a great deal share about the importance of women’s self-care and self-love, reminding women that, through self-preservation we are able to combat the day to day criticism that we and the outside world project on ourselves. Ford believes that keeping an account for your wellness both mentally and physically makes you a powerful source and that even when you may not feel your best, you can always be a source of encouragement to others.

“Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you are a source of Inspiration and empowerment to other people because you don’t feel like that every single day and that needs to be acknowledged. I feel like you don’t have to be super woman all the time. A great source of empowerment is to recognize your vulnerability, as women we have that luxury to recognize and embrace our vulnerability, men don’t really get that luxury”.

With many new opportunities on the horizon in the world of TV production, Melissa is focusing her efforts on lending her time to causes like Maria-Maria beauty and making her future more about what she can do outside of the limelight. As for Maria Baez, her sense of accomplishment is very evident today and with the success of the launch of her line she is more than elated, “I’m Happy and proud of myself because I did something that I put so much effort into”. As for her future, she is interested in living life. “It says live life on the bottle of the hand cream. I believe that you have to live life, you have to continue”.

For more information on the Maria-Maria Beauty line, visit: www.mariamariabeauty.com

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